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How to use laminates correctly

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    In the sales of solar module laminator, manufacturers always place two laminates in the laminator. It is to remind manufacturers to use laminated cloth in production. The function of laminate cloth is to isolate the EVA after melting and stick to the upper chamber rubber plate and the laminator heating plate. Once EVA is glued to the rubber plate and heating plate, it will be difficult to get rid of it.

   The correct way to use it is to have at least 4 laminates on a laminator. After each use, do not immediately reuse, but to put aside the non-stick cooling down, and then clean the EVA laminate cloth, so that the laminate cloth has remained the original color. If the EVA on the laminate can not be cleaned, the EVA will stick to the battery assembly glass when reused. At this time, EVA will leave EVA particles on glass regardless of any cleaning. When the panels are used outdoors, these EVA particles will re melt and stick to the glass. And adsorb dust on glass. These dust can not be removed. Sometimes the dust will block the battery and form a long-term hot spot effect.
  Matters needing attention:
   1、Before cutting laminated cloth to the machine installation, please try to keep the surface of high-temperature cloth smooth, do not have wrinkles, otherwise it will cause folds on the laminated surface, affecting the service life!
   2、In use, if there is EVA adhesive or other residue on the surface of the anti-sticking cloth, just wipe it with semi-wet cotton cloth.

   3、Different batches of laminates may have different colors, which is normal, but it will not affect the quality of products, let alone the use!

High temperature laminate cloth used for solar energy laminator: laminated fabric is a high temperature laminated fabric specially used for solar energy laminating machine. High performance glass fiber is used as base material and suspended polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as plastic king) emulsion as raw material.
       Principle of use of laminated cloth

       When the laminator suppresses the solar photovoltaic module, the laminate cloth is placed at the top and bottom of the photovoltaic module as cover cloth and cushion cloth. The laminating cloth is used to prevent stickiness to prevent EVA film and other substances from sticking to the laminator at high temperature.


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