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Introduction of Adhesive belt

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Adhesive belt,Also called sticky tape machine, pressure liner machine belt. It is the conveyor belt used on the bonding machine.
The adhesive belt is usually made of glass fiber and Kevlar as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion, and dried into a high-temperature conveyor belt.
Generally speaking, the adhesive belt refers to the conveyor belt of clothing binding machine.
The adhesive tape is usually black with smooth and smooth surface. It can also produce rice white according to the requirements of customers. Thickness can produce 0.30mm; 0.40MM; 0.50mm; 0.75MM according to the requirements of customers.
Application of adhesive tape:
It is widely used in supporting machines for belt pressing and bonding interlining.
Types of adhesive belt
1. PTFE seamless joint belt:
The seamless belt is made of high strength glass fiber yarn or Kevlar (aramid) warp circular knitting equipment and coated with Teflon resin (PTFE) by a unique technology. The utility model overcomes the phenomenon that the connection point of the conveyor belt interface is easy to fracture. The unequal perimeter of the joint leads to poor stability and deviation. The service life of the seamless adhesive tape is longer than that of any Teflon conveyor belt which is connected by 3 times.
2.Double layer bonding machine belt:
The inner layer of the double-layer composite belt is made of antistatic paint cloth, the outer layer is made of tear-resistant fiber cloth, and the whole dislocation compound. The strength is greatly improved, the use time is long, the whole thickness is uniform, the anti-bias performance is good, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the processing of ultra-thin adhesive lining is better.
3. Ordinary seam bonding machine belt:
The ordinary sewing belt is made of all imported base materials, self woven, self polished, with bright surface and favorable price.
  A:It is widely applied to the mechanical matching of belt type press binding lining cloth.
Scope of application:
B: All kinds of food baking, frozen food thawing (rice, rice cake, candy, etc.)
C:A variety of electronic components welding and conveying machinery matching
D: Industrial, pharmaceutical, plastic film, electrical parts heat treatment, heat resistant and non adhesive special transport belt
E: Anti rust adhesive coating for automobile parts, transportation belt with acid, alkali and corroded items.
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