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County secretary Li Zhong to the company condolences

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      Recently, the continuous high temperature weather in my county, struggling in front of the staff and workers affect the heart of the company leaders, but also affect the heart of the county leaders. Today, Li Zhong, Secretary of the CPC County Committee, Zheng Xiangyang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC County Committee, Zheng Ying, Director of the Development Zone, and Feng Jiannan, deputy director of the CPPCC Development Zone, came to the U.S. and Australia Company to "send cool" condolences and distribute cool and heat-proof supplies to front-line workers.

      In our department, Secretary Li Zhong inquired about the working and living conditions of the workers in detail, thanked them for their dedication to the economic and social development of enterprises and the whole county under the high temperature, and urged them to implement the responsibility system for safe production, rationally arrange working hours, pay attention to the combination of work and leisure, and do a good job in heat prevention and cooling. Keep healthy. Relevant departments should pay close attention to front-line employees, provide timely anti-heat and cooling facilities, food and medicines, ensure the progress of production, at the same time, do their utmost to protect workers'safety and health, prevent the occurrence of heatstroke, and distribute anti-heat and cooling supplies to front-line employees of our company to close the Party, government and trade union organizations. Huai sent to enterprises, so that the majority of workers feel the same concern and love of trade unions as family members. On behalf of all the staff of the company, General Manager Hu Shaoping also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the county leaders and the Development Zone leaders who came to our company to express their sympathy.

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