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Condolences to Shexian's Armed Forces

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          On the morning of July 27, Vice General Manager Sun Shihuang of Huangshan MEAO Composite Material Co., Ltd, accompanied by Party branch representative Zheng Chunfei and logistical department, arrived at the site of Shexian Fire Squadron in Huangshan City to express sympathy to all the officers and soldiers of the Fire Squadron on behalf of the staff of the whole company. Happy Army Day! Holiday greetings and sincere greetings to fire officers and men. At the same time, our company also sent rice, mineral water, beverages and other materials for the Shexian fire squadron.

          Vice President Sun and his party were warmly welcomed by the officers and soldiers, and held a brief discussion in the meeting room of the fire brigade, narrating the situation of the army and civilians. Through this condolences, more close to the feelings of the military and civilians, truly reflects the "military love for the people, military support for the people, military and civilian fish and water a family" of military and civilian friendship.

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