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Company health inspection

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Build a clean and healthy environment and build a healthy and beautiful factory area

-----Environmental hygiene inspection of Mount Huangshan MEAO company

          On the morning of October 20, although the company's production tasks are very busy, in order to strengthen the long-term management of environmental hygiene work, persistently do a good job in building a clean, hygienic, civilized and beautiful working and living environment, create a good corporate image, improve the physical and mental health of employees, root. According to the company's original environmental hygiene management system, civilized health planning, "6S" management and related safety management regulations, the company set up an environmental hygiene inspection team, and the company's general manager Hu Shaoping personally led the team to conduct the company's health and environmental inspection. Examination scope includes: office, door guard room, public health area, meeting room, production workshop, dust-free workshop, toilet, restaurant, product exhibition hall.

          The whole inspection process took more than two hours. After the inspection, all the members of the inspection group were convened to hold a meeting. The meeting emphasized the importance of doing a good job in the company's environmental hygiene. Publicizing students'scientific knowledge, improving employees' awareness of environmental hygiene, and developing good environmental hygiene habits. The company's infrastructure, production, office and other departments should also be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in coordination with the Logistics Department to do a good job of environmental hygiene management.

          We will also be a strong sense of enterprise, responsibility, and make every effort to do a good job in the company's environmental hygiene work, MEAO company into a clean, sanitary, beautiful and clean excellent enterprise.

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