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The two phase of 5 dipping equipment put into operation.

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     Warmly congratulate MEAO production base two phase 5 dipping equipment debugging successfully and smoothly put into operation.

     August 25, 2017, MEAO production base on the second phase of the plant on the new five dipping equipment one-time test success, 11:08 officially put into production, the company's main leading members and industry colleagues participated in the production of new equipment ribbon cutting ceremony. Facing the increasing demand of the market, the product quality grade is gradually improved, and the types are constantly subdivided and deepened. The company also continuously upgrades the equipment technology and quantity. Now the American and Australian production base has 14 domestic advanced vertical dipping equipment, indicating that the company can achieve a new level in production capacity and quality. At the same time, we also welcome new and old customers to come to talk about business, we will be the best product, service and cost-effective return to our customers, we will be in line with the "uphold quality, integrity service" concept, to provide customers with better service!

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