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The joint method of Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt is as follows:
Commonly used lap (not removable), butt (up and down lap cloth), cow nose joint (easy to disassemble), steel button joint (inconvenient to disassemble, etc.)
Teflon mesh conveyor belt is the main joint mode of soft joint and steel buckle joint, soft joint commonly known as the ox nose joint. No matter what kind of joint, joint technology has a very important impact on the service life of Teflon conveyor belt, which is not only the material properties of the conveyor belt itself. Today, we will briefly explain the steps of soft joints.
For soft joints, first connect the two side joints and string the Teflon pins into the Kevlar ring; then spread one side of the high-temperature cloth flat to the other side of the top, covering one side of the bull nose joint, and then use the equipped Kevlar wire to thread the needle, and the other one. The edge joint can be sewn on, just two ends can be sewn, but also can block the cownose joint, so that the material will not stick into the joint, after sewing to check whether the cloth has been all covered above the joint, to ensure that the operation process will not be lifted.
1. Bull Nose Joint: This is the main joint of Teflon mesh conveyor belt, that is, our manufacturer sewed a row of small holes at the two ends of the belt, customers go back as long as we match a wire into the seam of the small hole OK. The joint is simple to operate, easy to remove and clean the mesh belt, and the tensile strength of the mesh belt is high.
2. Wall Joint Method: Make cylindrical cloth strips with Kevlar high-temperature cloth at both ends of the mesh belt, and the customers also use our matched steel wire to penetrate directly into the small hole of Kevlar high-temperature cloth. The biggest advantage of this joint method is that the joint is very wearable, but the tensile strength is not very high.
The joints in the microwave industry should be noted that the joints are usually used for docking or overlap. Joints can not contain metal, the presence of metal will spark, and then burn the belt, causing unnecessary losses. Taizhou morning light reminds everyone to use the connector carefully and maximize the use of each conveyor belt.

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