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PTFE Teflon tape has a smooth surface, good anti-viscosity, chemical corrosion and high temperature resistance and excellent insulation, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing thermal, electronic and electrical industries. Fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon is characterized by high strength, repeatability and easy replacement. The company uses imported raw materials to produce a variety of different specifications of Teflon tape. 


1. Good heat resistance, can work continuously at -70-260 ℃. 

2. Good stickiness, the "residue" of the melted packaging film will not stick to the heater. 

3. Excellent electrical insulation. 

4:Good stability, good durability, easy maintenance. 

Teflon tape application example: 

1. It is used for hot sealing cutting machine and high-speed heat sealing machine in food, medicine and plastic packaging industry. 

2.All kinds of dryer drying cylinder surface anti-stick treatment; laminating machine drying cylinder surface anti-stick treatment; guide roller, pressure roller surface anti-stick treatment; paper machine drying cylinder surface anti-stick treatment 

3. Application of other kinds of workpiece surface anti-viscosity, anti-stick color, reducing friction force.

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