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Teflon mesh conveyor belt is made of suspension polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as plastic king) emulsion, impregnated with high performance glass fiber web cloth. Is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite materials new products. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in paper making, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel slicing, machinery and other fields. Teflon mesh conveyor belt has the following main characteristics: 

1. It is used in the range of -70 ℃ and 260 ℃, and has weathering resistance and aging resistance. After practical application, if placed at 250 ℃ for 200 days, not only the strength will not be reduced, but also the weight will not be reduced, and the weight will only be reduced by 0.6% when stored at 350 ℃ for 120 hours. At -180 ℃ low temperature will not produce cracking and maintain the original softness. 

2, non-adhesiveness: not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface; paste, resin, paint and so on almost all adhesive substances can be easily removed. 

3, resistant to chemical corrosion, resistant to strong acid, Corrosion of strong alkali and various organic solvents. 

4, good dimensional stability (elongation less than 5 ‰), high strength. With good mechanical properties. 

5, bending fatigue resistance, can be used for smaller wheel diameter. 

6, medicament resistance, non-toxic. Resistant to almost all chemicals. 

7, fire retardant. 

8, air permeability-conveyor belt air permeability, reduce heat consumption, improve drying efficiency. 

Teflon grid conveyer belt is suitable for the use of Teflon grid conveyor belt where hot air flow and hot working transmission conditions are required, as follows: a: textile, printing and dyeing industry: printing drying, bleaching and dyeing cloth drying, Drying of fabric shrinkage, drying of non-woven cloth and so on, conveyer belt of oven. B: screen, printing industry: loose dryer, offset press, UV series light curing machine, paper oil drying, ultraviolet drying, plastic products screen drying, etc. Room conveyor belt. C: other occasions: high Zhou Bo drying, microwave drying, all kinds of food freezing and thawing, baking, packaging items heat shrinkage, general moisture content drying, solvent ink drying, etc. Last one: red film envelope

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