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Name: Gas stove pad

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Product details

Material: Teflon coated glass fiber cloth ptfe coated fiberglass fabric 

Teflon barbecue pad main characteristics: 

1. Anti-viscosity is particularly good, the surface is smooth, not easy to adhere to any substance. Easy to clean on the surface of various oil stains, dirt, etc. can be used repeatedly. 

2. Prevent the grease from overflowing to the bottom of the oven during baking. Size can be tailored according to your requirements. 

3. Safe to use in dishwasher, non-toxic, safe contact with food, and anti-corrosion function. 

The main applications of Teflon ovens with high temperature tolerance of 260 ℃ up to 400 ℃: 

1, for food heating: 1. Cut the grill to the desired size and shape with scissors. 

2. Place on a pan, plate, or other container. 

3. Put food on the plate. 

4. After the food is cooked, wait for cooling, then remove the barbecue mat, wash with washing water. 

5. Grill can be used repeatedly. 

Second, used as oven gasket: 

1. Electric oven: placed on the bottom or bottom grill of the electric oven. 

2. Steam oven: on the bottom shelf, not directly at the bottom. 

3. As the pretreatment surface, it can be used in the working face table of dough processing by applying its anti-adhesion characteristics.

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