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Name: Teflon soft paper packaging machine heat seal belt

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heat sealing belt

Main application range of Teflon high temperature cloth

Mold: mold release;

Clothing: anti adhesive lining, gaskets, cloth and adhesive tape;

Packaging: shrink film packaging and side seal;

Plastic products welding: welding sealing cloth, plastic sheet, film, heat sealing tape lining. ;

High electrical insulation: electrical insulating tape base, spacer, gasket and lining ring. High frequency copper clad laminate;

Heat resistant coating: laminated substrate, heat insulation;

Food processing: heat seal, frozen food transportation, defrosting belt, drying belt, microwave gasket, oven slice.

Adhesive belt: transfer printing hot table cloth, carpet back adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanized conveyor belt, abrasive curing strip cloth, etc.

Pressure sensitive adhesive tape base cloth;

Building membrane materials: top of all kinds of sports venues, Station Pavilion, parasol, landscape canopy, etc.

Teflon high temperature cloth is used for anticorrosion coating of various petrochemical pipelines, environmental protection desulfurization of waste gas from power plants, etc.

Characteristics of Teflon high temperature cloth

1. the size is stable, the strength is high, and the elongation coefficient is less than 5 per thousand.

2. good temperature resistance, continuous working temperature -70-260 C, limit temperature can reach 400 C.

3. the surface friction coefficient is small and the insulation is good.

4. good resistance to sticky, easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments on the surface.

5. good corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no combustion and aging resistance.

Application range of Teflon high temperature resistant lacquer cloth

1. used for making heating food gaskets, baking plates, microwave gaskets.

2. anti adhesive liners, gaskets, Mongolian cloth, etc.

3. according to the thickness, the conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape etc. used for various drying machines.

4. Used for anticorrosion cladding of various petrochemical pipelines, insulation and heat-resistant cladding materials of electronic and electrical equipment, environmental protection desulfurization of waste gas from power plants

Main uses

Teflon high temperature cloth is widely used in aviation, papermaking, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical industry, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, construction (roof film structure fabric), grinding wheel slicing, machinery and other fields. It can be used for anticorrosive coating, liner and liner, anti-sticking conveyor belt, high-frequency clad copper plate, building membrane, insulation material, microwave drying conveyor belt, flexible compensator, friction material, etc.

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