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Teflon adhesive tape sticking roller instead of the traditional Teflon spray, with the characteristics of convenience, low technical requirements, durable and so on, to make Teflon tape paste roller service life longer, Pay attention to the following technical points: 1. Clean the surface of the dryer that requires adhesive tape. Pay attention to the absence of iron scraps on the surface. The surface is smooth. 2. cut the length of the tape longer than the required length (about 5CM longer than the required length) spare. 3. Tear open the release paper, pay attention to  tear and paste, do not tear all at once, , in the paste process can be a piece of cloth (or newspaper) on the adhesive tape rubbing flat, after pasting to ensure that the two sides of the adhesive tape overlap.

5. After pasting, carefully check whether there are small bubbles between the tape and the dryer, if there are, you can use a pin or other sharp objects to remove the small bubbles one by one, and smooth. B tape is used to tear off the adhesive tape at C. Finally, place the tape at B and leveling the adhesive tape at B and D.

Teflon tape roller is mainly made of two kinds of thickness, 0.13MM and 0.18MM.

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