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What are the main strengths of Teflon tape?

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We all know that there are many kinds of tapes on the market, but Teflon tape is the only one that can be widely promoted and used in the industrial field. This is not only in the quality, but also in the process, performance, material, quality and so on has an irreplaceable role. So, when this kind of adhesive tape material is popularized to the market, it will play a more prominent role, and its cost-effectiveness is also getting higher and higher. What are their main strengths?
Firstly, Teflon tape can be used in practice under ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature conditions, and its performance will not be lost because of temperature, so in this regard, its performance is also superior to the ordinary tape, in the process of operation will bring more and more technical advantages and characteristics of diversification. In recent years, the promotion of the use of soft flexibility has also become a specialty.
Secondly, the surface of Teflon tape material is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to adhere to any substance, in the process of cleaning more convenient and simple. Of course, in organic solvents such as strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and so on, there will still be no corrosion. Its technical process is also very advanced, in the process of comparison to understand the difference between this kind of tape and ordinary tape is very big, so its main specialty is decided in the market sales advantage.
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