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High temperature adhesive tape (Series) products

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Teflon Fiberglass (adhesive) cloth
All kinds of high temperature anti sticking working surface (plane or regular curved surface) facing material
Anti sticking surface material for mold cavity surface
Plastic, film packaging, sealing tape, adhesive tape
Conveyor belt for bonding machine
All kinds of food frozen or roasting conveyor belts (mesh or dense)
Food baking pad
Electronic insulating tape, adhesive tape
Cushioning pad, sheet and other synthetic processing conveyor belt or cushion fabric.
Textile printing and drying mesh belt (loose drying, rotary screen printing machine, etc.)
Screen printing drying net belt
Teflon glass fiber adhesive can be directly attached to a variety of large plane and regular curved surface (such as roller), easy to operate. It is free from the restrictions of professional equipment, special process and transportation to the professional spraying plant. The product has been used for 260 H.
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