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Party member "71" activities of Jingxian County New Fourth Army

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      Early in the morning of July 2, Hu Shaopeng, general manager of Huangshan MEAO Company, and Jiang Chengsen, Secretary of Party branch, led all the members of the US-Australia Company to visit and learn from the Memorial Hall of the New Fourth Army in Jingxian County, Xuancheng City, to commemorate the heroic deeds of the new Fourth Army martyrs and to lay a wreath for the dead in the Southern Anhui Incident. . In July, when the weather was rainy and sunny, all the Party members of the company braved the continuous drizzle to carry out the study and education activities of "New Party Members Admission Oath" before the tomb of the martyrs who died in the Southern Anhui Incident. They also led all the Party members to study the Party Constitution and the General Secretary's series of speeches to teach them how to be a qualified Party member.


At the end of the visit, Party members expressed their deep feelings and great significance. They should learn from the revolutionary spirit of the older generations of revolutionaries who are not afraid of hardship, sacrifice and love the motherland and are determined to do their own work well in the future.

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